Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking issues

Recently I had a serious bout of breaking, I was almost tearful each time I combed my hair or just ran my fingers through it. My house floor looked like two cats had been fighting. I was a good pair of scissors away from cutting it off. I decided to do a moisturizing cowash and have realised that I was probably overloading on the protein. So will reduce the protein from once a week to once every two weeks. I know that might sound strange especially if you read my last post but I find too much protein ON the hair makes it very brittle.

I am not badmouthing a product but the Joico Reconstructor has been "shelved" and will stay there for a while.....

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Firstly, I dont know if you guys know but I am a vegetarian and have been feeling pretty lousy for some time now. I then started to compare my hair and before and after I became a vegetarian. I was more alert and my hair grew longer and thicker. The Castor oil challenge, DC and stretching really cannot compare with adequate nutrition especially the protein content. Taking multivitamins does help but they don't contain protein. So I am "Drinking my way to waistlength challenge", I noticed the smoothies are essentially high in protein. I have also been forced to review my diet to get my 50-60g of protein a day.

I have also started going to the gym, a much needed decision, drinking more water and just taking better care of me. I have been feeling better already after just two days!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Relaxer Update

I did my hair, it was almost a disaster, I self relaxed with the help of my boyfriend and probably it wasnt such a good idea to use real relaxer as the test run. Well we pushed through and it came out pretty well. I used the now trusty ORS lye relaxer, and some pre-chemical treatment before on the previously relaxed hair. I rinsed thoroughly with luke warm water and left my Affirm sustenance conditioner for 5 min. I then proceeded to neutralize 5 times and deep con with ORS deep penetrating conditioner for 45 mins. To finish off I did a roller set with aphogee provitamin leave in and was under the dryer for 1 hour.

My hair now is about 2-3 inches from BSL and I am pushing to make it for my one year HHJ. I have come a long way. I still I have major breaking issues and problems with the moisture/protein balance. But one step at a time. The pics arent that great did it with the camera phone but i guess this would be useless without a pic right?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My rollerset at 10 weeks

I seriously thought a rollerset at 10 weeks would have been a disaster. But this has me wanting to stretch to 6 months. But of course I won't push my luck; the key to stretching for me is more moisture and occasionally protein. This what I did;

1) I clarified with Mizani clarifying shampoo

2) Used the last of my Alter ego garlic condish. Now this is definately a staple, can be a bit expensive but if you can you must buy it.

3) Steamed my hair for 30 minutes. This step is key at this stage of stretching it really makes the new growth soft. I warmed a damp towel, placed it on my hair covered with a shower cap and went under the dryer.

4) Rinsed and then left the ORS deep condish for 1 hour with a steam cap while I messed about at home.

5) Rinsed with cold water and set my hair with Aphogee Provitamin leave in. I was really pleased with the results.
I know this hair journey can be frustrating at times. Sometimes you just cant be bothered, well dont be. Just make sure you deep condition at least once a week, tie your hair at night, moisturise your hair daily and pay special attention to your new growth. You will soon realise that cant be bothered can equate to low manipulation and your hair begins to look better than ever.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Revisiting Cowashing

What have I been missing, I could never understand what all the fuss was about, I even decided to stop cowashing as too much manipulation was causing my hair to break. I have been noticing that I suffer from a serious case of dryness especially when I am stretching, its as if the oil from my scalp just does not go down the hair shaft. Each time I comb all I hear is crackle and snap and I am losing hair.

I have found my solution after months of my HHJ. Oil rinsing peps, oil rinsing. In additon I found the greatest cowashing condish Herbal Essense long term relationship.

Last night I cowashed with HE LTR and then poured about 1/4 cup of almond oil and 1/4 cup of olive oil on my head, paying special attention to my roots. Left it for about a minute and rinsed, thats it. The hair is oily but not dripping with oil just soft. I then air dried with HE LTR leave in. I will do this more often and as long as my hair does not break I will stretch as long as possible.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My plan for whats left of my stretch

To help me to get to 12 weeks here's my plan. Yes ladies I am ditching the cowashing. Friday will be my day once a week.

Next friday (June 5th) I will pre poo with castor oil and olive oil wash with a moisturizing shampoo, oil rinse with carrot oil and olive oil, deep con with Alter Ego and ORS replenishing pak rollerset and airdry.

Week 11 ( Jun 12th) will pre poo with same as above, oil rinse and deep con with hydrafuse and thermasmooth rollerset saran wrap.

Week 12 (June 18th) (thursday) pre poo, clarifying shampoo, hard protein treatment, deep con with steam with hydrafuse, rollerset.

Relax day at 13 weeks (June 22nd)

As you can see I will be rollersetting more or attempting to, no more cowashing the less manipulation the better,

10 weeks on Monday

This stretch has me shedding more and possibly breaking more. I am seeing breaking especially in the middle of my hair. I am wondering if the castor oil is making my hair shed more and harder to manage. I have now started to apply my moisturizer like a relaxer. I will slow down the castor oil to see what happens and will definately try oil rinses.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stretching and Product Haul

I need to go to "PJ anonymous" for sure. I went to a hair store and I had to talk myself into not buying too many things. I ended up getting;

Mane and Tail Detangler

CON shampoo and Conditioner

Hair pins and steam caps.

I must say that the Mane and Tail detangler is definately a keeper, not so sure about the CON conditioner.

This stretching business is no joke, I was about to throw in the towel today but after a deep conditioning with Aussi 3 min, Hydrafuse, olive oil and CON I was Ok. I used waaaay more conditioner than I usually do but I was really desperate. I had been experiencing a lot of breaking and shedding recently and decided to lay off the protein deep con and it did work. I also decided to finger comb my hair when wet and gently use a comb when dry. Us 4a girls have really fragile hair so you have to be careful with the manipulation. I am now airdrying it and will do some neat cornrows when dry.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My protective style for this week

I am really determined after seeing the progress of others to "up my game". Basically trying to retain every inch of hair that I grow. "Dusting" the ends on relaxer days and on a "need to do" basis. So the challenges I am presently doing are the , "BSL in 09" and the "Castor oil challenge".

I have now been moisturizing and sealing my hair daily with my Giovanni moisturizer and castor oil and EVOO mixture, with alternate day application of the castor oil to my scalp. DC twice per week with protein once weekly. Hard protein every 4-6 weeks with corrective moisturizing DC after each protein treatment.
Now on to the topic at hand; since protective styling is soooo important especially for us 4a-4b gals I must say that it is easy to get "stuck in a rut". I am trying a new style its kindda a spin off from a style I saw on and something that Traycee does from time to time. You either hate it or love it, I love it.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Oils have been missing from my regimen for a couple of weeks, I ran out. I joined the castor oil challenge and I am back on the oiling trail. The castor oil challenge has us using the castor oil on our roots at least twice a week. Initially I had a big prob with this, it would irritate my scalp and I would actually get sores from itching it so much. So after some advice I decided to mix the castor oil with EVOO 50:50 with a few drops of tea tree oil and I have been doing good. I am now adding EVOO in my conditioner as well as using it as a pre poo/ hot oil treatment. I love love how it makes my hair feel, love everything about this combination. I would strongly advise you to try it, the challenge goes on for 3 months. Of course I will post pics.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Keep that silk scarf on!

I notice that I go to bed with my silk scarf and wake up with it off. Seriously I tie it in all sorts of ways and can never get it to stay. Over the past 2 days I have decided to put a head band on it. Its thin and almost the same colour as the scarf. All I can say is that the scarf has not fallen off in 2 days. And it doesnt have to be tight either. Just something that is flexible and will move with your head when you toss around at nights. Try it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Silk not cotton

Its so weird that our natural hair looks less like silk, more like cotton but really should be treated like silk. I have noticed that our hair is the most fragile of them all (4a-4b). Due to our tight curls, when the hair does a spiral its actually very weak at the turning point. If you examine your hair closely you would notice that even when natural the cuticle is not smooth and you feel ridges as you go along the hair shaft, this is the point where it tends to break. This is the way it grows out of the scalp. Protein treatments, deep conditioners all tend to smooth down the cuticle and "fill out" the ridges but nothing really permanent, thats the way we were born. I suggest that we treat our hair more like silk and less like cotton. As the wash cycle says, cold wash , gentle cycle and low iron (if at all). This means for us in addition to the different conditioning treatments and stretching of chemical treatments (to avoid overlapping); cold rinses, no harsh brushing or unnecessary combing and low heat. Just my 2 cents.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Increased hair loss

Ok so I have been noticing that I have more hair loss especially when I comb my hair. So much so that I am afraid to comb it. I have decided to either comb it in the shower under a heavy stream of water soaked in conditioner or when it is dry. I am even afraid to roller set it. I have been using my protein treatments and my garlic treatments but to no avail. The only thing that I have not been doing it taking my vitamins. Gulity as charged of not taking my vitamins or eating properly. My products have not changed, my regi has not changed much just my diet. So its back to the vitamins I go.

Many people presume hair vitamins arent necessary but think about it, I am vegetarian, lead a stressful life and forget to eat sometimes so I believe I am a prime candidate for hair loss due to nutritional reasons. I wont let it keep me down though, I am off to correct this problem. Remember you will always have setbacks but its your response to them that makes the difference. Recognise and treat.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jamaica hijacker.. Whatever

Ok, I am not an illiterate fool, but seriously all the guy wanted was a ride to Cuba. In case you did not know a 21 year old guy, (fine as hell) has to be the cutest hijacker in history decided to hijack a plane of Canadians headed to Cuba at a Jamaican airport. First off, who hijacks the Canadians? They are everybodys friends they are always so.. hummm.. nice. So it was then that you should have known that his screws have been moved around a bit in his head. He the "lone' gunman stormed pass security (now what that tells me was that there was no security). His friends and father begged him (negoations) but to no avail.

The military who were probably at base in Kingston playing dominoes I am sure were eager for the excitement. They showed up "bad boys" style and well in Jamaican terms "done di place". Now all the passengers got free 1 week stays at Sandals in Jamaica and whatever else (prob some rum cream and suntan lotion).

Now that did not work out too bad dont you think. And by the way, what the hell does the prep school that he went to have to do with the situation. Well that was my two cents and always remember in Jamaica there's no problem. We dont really mess with tourist we like y'all especially the Canadians.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The sculpted look

Just had to share what a little bronzer can do. You may not be able to appreciate the look with the webcam but I am loving it right now.

Help Needed

Its carnival season and I am so excited. But what to do with the hair when parading in the sun, rain, sweating and whatever comes is a whole new ball game. I was online with my sisters last night and the general concensus was that I should wear it in a braid out style. Its kindda hard to maintain a straight style. But I am really wondering what would go best with the head piece that I have. There is no doubt that the hair will look a mess at the end of the day but there is a difference between a mess and a "hot mess".

Monday, April 13, 2009


I have not combed my hair in a week and I dread to see what is going to be the outcome. Well it all started with the intention on Tues to cowash my hair but never got around to doing it now today monday I am really apprehensive about my hair. I just applied some pre poo consisting of castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil conditioner, I will sit under the dryer for 10 min with a steam cap then proceed to do an Alter Ego then Aphogee/ treatment. I will update you guys soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Talk about a HOT protective style.

This is definately one to try. You can use some extensions to make it longer, basically this is different because the cornrows are actually done inside, meaning a little bit like multiple french rows. Will do this soon and post a pic.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oil sheen vs Gloss drops

I was never a fan of oil sheens, so much so that I hated when the hairstylist would insist on using it. I figure oil drops were better and did not weigh the hair down as much. In addition whats the point of using oil drops and oil sheen at the same time.

Now I have decided to switch it up a bit, what about not using oil drops and replacing it with the sheen. After much research I settled on "Keracare oil sheen with humidity block". I must say that so far I have been pleased (to say the least) with the results. I was out last night sweating and dancing and so far the hair has been ok. No frizziness whats so ever. It does not weigh your hair down and instead it gives a nice bounce. Try it and let me know what you think.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My hair today

This week was one of those unintentional low manipulation weeks. I washed my hair on Sunday an airdried it. I have just been putting it in a bun. This has been easier in part by the Herbal essence long term relationship. That stuff smells so good and makes your hair really soft.

Today I went to the gym and figured that I needed to get all dolled up for the weekend. So I applied castor oil to my roots and olive oil conditioner mixed with coconut oil to my hair as a pre poo. I then went in the sauna for about 30 mins. When I got home I washed my hair with CON moisturizing shampoo and am now DCing with Affirm Sustenance. Boy does that recommended 30 mins seem long! So far so good though. I have been slacking up on my vitamins I need to do better.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I saw Tracyee's video on how her hair has improved over such a short space of time and I am inspired. She went from APL to WL in just over a year and thats great. I know that everyones hair is different but dang!

Ladies with fine to medium hair (like me) have quite a prob retaining length and keeping it thick. But I am sticking to my regimen and hopefully it will pay off. I wonder if BSL for me will come at my one year mark. That would be great, in the mean time health over length anyday. Hair looks healthy when it has shine, movement and body. If you notice that your hair is moving when you do you are on the right track.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update pics and Relaxer results 2

The following pics are my update pics from my 7 month hair journey. This was taken with my phone so the quality is poor. The first pic was my starting pic (Oct 08) the others were taken today. I wrote a blog yesterday on what made the difference to my hair. I would also like to mention LHCF, Traycee, Sunshyne, Lavender, KISS, Macherieamour and Hairlista who have all been instrumental (though they may not know it) in my progress. Also to all my blog followers those who commented or just visited thanks. This is just the beginning, how we treat our hair is a lifestyle change. My first goal was BSL by Feb 09 ( made in March 09) and BSL (Dec 09) ultimately I would love thick healthy hair.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Garlic and hair loss

This is the new rave on the boards, I just use the Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner every 2 weeks or so, but they have many recipes out there with garlic, I have not tried this one myself but it looks good.

What I did once was crush some garlic and soak it overnight in olive oil. I then applied this mixture as a pre poo it did reduce the shedding and breaking. I stopped because of the work involved but try it if you are having probs with shedding and breaking. I have not seen one bad review so far. Here is another recipe that you can try.

1 tablespoon of aloe gel1 tablespoon of honey1 tablespoon of garlic juice 3 tablespoons of chamomile (tea bag content is fine to use)24 fluid oz of water
1) Peel garlic and use a garlic press to squeeze the juice out
2) Mix it with honey and place the bowl in the fridge (can replace the honey with olive oil)
3) Boil water with chamomile tea for about 30 minutes
4) Stir occasionally
5) Take the bowl with honey and garlic juice out of the fridge
6) Add aloe gel.
8) Use the mix and gently rub it in your scalp. Wrap a warm towel around your head.
9) Keep on your head for 20 minutes and wash once with a neutral shampoo (I used Johnson's Baby shampoo).
10) To finish off, wash your hair off with the previously prepared chamomile tea.

I have not tried this recipe myself, see what I did above, but they look pretty similar.

What is making the difference to my hair.

I have noticed that on my hair journey I have had many set backs, hair breaking, seen with occasional patches of short hair especially in the center/ middle of my hair. Extremely hard hair which happened after a protein treatment (it took 7 hours for me to detangle) etc. I guess like everything in life you will have setbacks but it is what you do to remedy that which makes the difference. These changes have made the most difference to my hair

1- Stretching (I know can be hard but just add one week at a time to your normal regime, keep the new growth moist and with any sign of breaking or damage run to the hills and relax it.

2-DC not necessarily every other day but at least once a week til the hair improves.

3-Get the good Stuff (read the reviews, it just may work for you especially if the person has a similar hair texture to yours)

4- Take advice from someone who's hair actually looks good, makes no sense you follow the youtuber who's hair looks to put it frankly "jacked up".

5-Balance, protein is important, moisture is important know what your hair wants.

6- Leave it be, forget the blowdryer, flat iron, and all that gel and let your hair grow.

7- Change your relaxer (I did and I feel much happier)

Pics will come soon I promise.

Stress and hair loss

Stress and hair loss can be related.
The most common type of stress-induced hair loss is telogen effluvium. In this condition, emotional or physical stress — related to a death in the family, pregnancy, severe weight loss or surgery, for example — pushes large numbers of growing hairs into a resting phase. Within a few months, the affected hairs may fall out suddenly when simply combing or washing your hair. The hair typically grows back when the emotional or physical stress is resolved, although this can take months.
For some people, intense stress may trigger a type of hair loss called alopecia areata. In this condition, white blood cells attack the hair follicle — which stops hair growth. Within weeks, the affected hair falls out. The hair loss usually starts as a small round patch but may eventually spread to the whole scalp, and sometimes to body hair as well. The hair generally grows back, but the cycle may repeat itself.
Talk to your doctor if you notice sudden or patchy hair loss or more than usual hair loss when combing or washing your hair. Sudden hair loss can signal an underlying medical condition that requires treatment. If needed, your doctor may suggest treatment options for the hair loss as well.

Mayo clinic

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Relaxer (part 1)

I am sitting at the computer now 1 am with conditioner in my hair. Today I decided to relax my hair and I went to this new hairdresser that I found, she was not bad with the application but put on the conditioner literally for 1 min. I was a bit worried but she continued. She roller set and wrapped my hair and yes we did get in that dreaded argument about the trimming. I allowed her to cut off 1 cm she was unhappy but I was elated.

I smelt something like relaxer in my hair still but I thought it was the other ladies hair I was smelling so I did not worry about it. I went home changed and went out and came home and wrapped my hair. This time the scent was overwhelming it smelt like relaxer, I am lying in bed wondering if that was my hair. It had to be, this was a first for me, I know the hair has a processed smell about it when it has just been relaxed but this was ridiculous.

I got out of bed determined not to let my hard work go to waste. I shampooed my hair three times and am now I am typing this with affirm sustenance in my hair. Yes I am tired, I have to get up early for work but hell no will I let this lady ruin my hair after such a long hair journey. I will say this again, by far my sister is the best person who has ever relaxed my hair.

Friday, March 13, 2009

About to throw in the towel

Yess I enjoy stretching (sometimes), I love the feel of my natural hair but I am loosing too much hair. Last night after removing the plaits I washed and DC with aphogee and Humectress. On detangling I was shocked at the amount of hair I lost. They look like long stands but you can never tell. I have never lost this much hair and well I am done with the worrying and will relax my hair next week, at 11 weeks plus. I will post pics and though I dont want to do it my hair is saying enough is enough.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stretching Woes

Week after week I have been battling with my new growth. I was Ok whilst it was in braids but dealing with it now about 2 inches growth and week 10 I am having a really hard time. This has to be the hardest stretch ever and I really respect those ladies who go for 16 weeks and over.

I have been thinking about professional looking styles that would help me with my stretch. I mean I like to brush my hair back in one and smooth down the edges, but I get so nervous thinking about my new growth, it does not get touched and its sheer drama to detangle it come wash day.

I am still yet to come up with some styles to help me. Today I thought I would attempt one of the styles I used to rock all the time when I was natural. I just plaited the roots (the natural part) and twisted the relaxed part. My greatest challenge is trying to prevent the relax portions from unravelling. Well whatever the outcome I know I wont have this hair drama to face until my next wash day.

So here's what I did, I pre pooed with a hot oil mixture of almond oil and profective growth oil then washed with Giovanni invigorating shampoo. DC with my alter Ego condish and later my Aussie 3 min moisturizing con. I used the giovanni leave in and HE LTR and airdried. Today I parted my hair in small sections, saturated the roots with profective mega growth strengthener and finished with some more HE LTR.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its a Jungle in here

I am nine weeks post and its a jungle in here. I decided to do low manipulation styles like braid outs, wash and goes and no combing and it feels good. The hair appears softer until you attempt to detangle.

Today I chose to let down my bun, detangle and moisturize and it took me an hour and a half. I had a bit of hair loss and I was so tempted to relax but didnt. I used olive oil moisturizing hair lotion and HE long term relationship leave in. And sealed with almond oil.

I hope and pray I am not over doing it. Its too late to relax anyway as I have been irritating my scalp. I will put back in the cornrows until about 5-6 days before relaxing my hair. The new growth is really too much and I fear I may tear my hair out. Wish me luck guys.

I will have a reveal after I relax to show my progress after 7 months of my HHJ. Oh my first goal was full APL. I think I may have missed the full part but I may be APL in some parts. I am also trying to accomplish thicker hair I hope to see that in my reveal in 2 weeks time.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Sunday Do

Ok I did another braid out, messed with it too much and the curls went a bit flat so I figured why not do a cute updo.
Rules of the loose updo
1- Never do it twice once you do it dont do it over as it would never look the same so give it one shot.
2- Lots and lots of bobby pins.
3- Something to smooth the edges
4 -Be creative
Now your ready to rip the runway of life.