Friday, January 30, 2009

Aphogee Challenge update

I pre pooed with Profective growth oil and DC'd with the Aphogee 2 min reconstructor for 10 minutes. This followed by a moisturizing deep conditioner with heat for at least 20 mins. The provitamin leave in was added and coconut oil used to seal. This was done for 4 consecutive weeks and my hair felt stronger except for that Mishap with the Henna.

Its a good protein treatment that's not too hard and not too mild. I always followed with a moisturizing condish (Nexxus Humectress gave me the best results). Truth be told 2 weeks would have been enough. I never got any superb benefits past the 2 consecutive weeks the results plateaued off at that time.

Its a great product and I would use it again. Definately part of my rotation. I had to use the webcam to take the photos so the hair appears much thicker than it really is. I also did some brushing (of the ends) as well. As usual comments and questions are welcomed.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Braid out results from last night.

Well my major problem with this style is that it is never dry in less than 24 hours. The braid outs work best with cowashes you want as much moisture as possible. You may get more breakage with braid outs as it may be a bit of a challenge if you try to comb it out. So that means that this style in and of itself is a low manipulation one. I dont comb my hair until the next wash. I just bun it like this or may wear it out. I use the Mizani moisturefuse as the leave in with almond oil for the plaits, rollers at the end and Voila. Still a work it progress though.

Update on coffee, hair and whatever else.

Its 4:00am and I cant sleep, I guess drinking coffee at 7:00pm is never a good idea. Have you ever wondered how after a while your hair care journey almost becomes therapeutic? Seriously initially it was somewhat of a hassel, like watching grass grow. When you become less obsessed about the length and just more into the health of the hair you enjoy it more.

When I am upset I slather on some DC and go under the dryer, or I apply some oil mix to my scalp, these days I am into aromatherapy and just added peppermint to my castor oil. To my surprise I hear that it makes the hair grow and I was just going for the mood lifting effects.

I am combing my hair less, I never thought the day would come when I would say that. I guess when you have your hair in a protective style or just intend to put it in a bun all that manipulation seems pointless. And it does detangle pretty well on wash days anyway.

Had a setback the other day, did the Henna and decided 3 days later to do the Aphogee treatment as sheduled (my mini challenge). Needless to say there was much "crackle and pop", I did learn my lesson next DC after henna has to be moisturizing (for me at least).

I would not consider myself a PJ but I do look forward to trying new things, I usually wait until I am out of something to replace it with another. Ok I do agree the Herbal Essence hello hydration is nice, nothing to shout about but nice for a cowash, better than VO5 and well I am yet to try some others.

On that note I am due another product review, next up "alter Ego garlic conditioner". Hope I can get some "shut eye" now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Henna and Me

Ok there was a time, about a month or two ago, when I was a firm believer that Ayurvedic was the way to go. I am all for the oils and Henna but have been finding it difficult to spend so much on shipping and handling. I will revisit that idea as soon as I can get a cheaper way to ship these things.

I did find a supplier of henna however and I have tried it twice. The result.....drum roll... for me has been nothing spectacular. I still think it is a work in progress and the longer I leave it on the thicker it makes my hair feel. But as I said nothing that makes your hair do a 180 turnaround. That being said it is a great option for when you are a bit tired of your routine.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Aphogee Challenge.

For all those who follow my blog, you would have known already that I have fine hair. I am trying to get it thicker and in the process hopefully grow it to BSL by Dec 09. Well I guess we all agree that aphogee is a great product. We hear so much about the 2 min Keratin treatment and the improvement seen with different hair textures that use it. Well I am now challenging myself to the aphogee statements. The bottle says use once weekly until the hair improves. Well that is exactly what a plan to do for one month. I did a treatment last week and will continue doing it to complete one month. I will post pics at the end of the challenge. The products I will be using will be the 2 min keratin treatment and the Provitamin leave it. I will prepoo with my oils, DC always with a moisturizing conditioner and cowash as usual.

Monday, January 5, 2009

ORS Relaxer (Lye)

As I promised I will now review ORS relaxer lye. I am here sitting under the dryer just did a Apoghee 2 min Keratin treatment and DC with Affirm fiberguard conditioner and thinking how great the ORS relaxer was. The night prior to relaxing I had been irritating my scalp and though there was no burning so to speak there was a bit of discomfort. I had alot of new growth but with patience my sister (not a hairdresser but does the best job with my hair) was able to apply the relaxer to my new growth in about 20 mins. I rinsed with the neutralizer in the shower 5 times as I wanted to make sure I did not overprocess it; then DC with ORS conditioner.

The surprise came when I did not notice much hair on the shower floor. This was new to me, I had grown so accustomed to hairdressers giving me a good telling off about my stretch and breaking and needing to have a trim that for once the process was enjoyable. My hair felt strong, I am thinking whats the difference. I believe all the relaxers have the same basic ingredient list, so why do some work better than others? Well thats not for me to figure out right now, I know for now it works for my hair and I will keep doing what I am doing. Now if only my sister would visit more than once a year

I spent long hours on the boards reading the relaxer reviews so this was a well thought out process. My advice to you is think it through and dont take risks with your hair. Better to go slow and steady, I hope for no major setbacks and that we keep learning and growing.

For the record I have used, affirm sensitive scalp, affirm fiberguard, Mizani (regular), revlon (back in the day), ORS no lye, Motions, and this has been the best one in recent times.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year New Hair

It has been a while since I blogged. It has been a busy holiday. I have been on this HHJ for about 4 months. My first goal when I started was APL (full) by feb 09 and BSL by Dec 09. I will now add thicker hair by Dec 09. I think I have managed a regimen though changing the products the basic structure is the same. One thing for sure, this year is I am increasing the protein treatments, more protective styling, continuing with my supplements and incorporating exercise. I will change my stylist. Its amazing how your stylist can cause major setbacks by tearing out your hair and trimming the life out of it.
Oh I stopped my last stretch at 9 weeks (had a family function) and relaxed with ORS lye. I must say I am happy with the results; I had minimal hair loss. I believe that when you have been having probs with progress think of changing your relaxer. I am ever on the quest to stretch my hair to 12 weeks and beyond. So to start the year I am yet on another stretch, no trim, deep conditioning (1-2 weekly) challenge. I will be doing product reviews also starting with the ORS relaxer sooon and rating them on a scale of 1-10. You have to be obessed about your hair to meet the goals sometimes. I hope we all have a fabulous year and that all our dreams come true.