Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ayurvedic Challenge Regime

Pre poo with Alma oil and shikaki oil overnight(and scalp massages with same oils twice weekly)
Wash with Brahmi powder and or Shikaki powder

Wash out with cheapie condition

DC always (moisturizing conditioner, still working on the list)

Cowash with cheapie conditioner

Seal with Vatika oil/coconut oil/ shikaki oil

Monthly Henna

Air dry

Cool water rinses

Vitamin supplements
To Start December 1st or as soon as I get the powders and will run for 3 months.
No trim till I get to full APL only "brushing" if necessary.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well the last time I stretched for 10 weeks I had some crazy shedding and hairdresser told me not to do it again as it was breaking my hair. Well I really need to increase the thickness of my hair and I believe that the less you relax it the fuller it will look. Of course you have the downside of the breaking at the demarcation line. So what I intend to do is as I approach the 8 week mark, I will put my hair in cornrows, essentially low manipulation and see how it goes. Whatever happens I can always relax but it makes sense to sets goals. So the clock is up and I am now in week 4. So eight more weeks here we come.

I am developing a regimen for the 7 week and beyond stretch.
1- Cornrows each week
2- Detangle in sections before DC every week (with ORS, Nexxus Humectress, Keracare Humecto, prob CPR products that give me the most slip add EVOO to all conditioners) DC with Alter Ego when shedding always follow with a moisturizing Condish.
3-Shampoo every 2 weeks with CON
4- Protein treatments every 2 weeks
5-Pre poo before each DC with daily moisturizing of scalp with Alma oil
6-Giovanni and Pantene Leave in both extremely moisturizing. Consider S-curl to moisturize and seal with Vatika oil.
7- Need to get a really Huge snag free comb
8- Airdry might not work may need to do low heat rollersets
9-Bantu knots dont work for me and the curly styles though hide the new grow for some strange reason I believe may cost more breaking
10-Listen to my hair, relax as SOON as it starts to act the FOOL.

This is a work in progress by the time I get to week 7 I should be ready.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I got some new hair stuff last night and I was so anxious and happy to give them a try. First off I started with an overnight pre poo with the Alma Brahmi oil that I got. The results in the morning were the best pre poo results I have ever had in my life. I then washed my hair in two, meaning did the right side then the left. Just applying shampoo (Keracare detangling) on the scalp and giving it a light rub. No more washing my hair like I am washing clothes for me. I then proceeded to add the Alter Ego Garlic Condish, I must say it smells quite refreshing nothing at all like garlic. It is also quite smooth and felt moisturizing, I left it on for about 2 hours while doing other stuff. Much to my surpised when I washed it out it did not give me a good slip a little dry, on the up side though very very very little hair in the bath or comb. I added a little Nexxus Humectress to add some moisture and washed it out after 30 minutes. I then added the Giovanni leave in, I think I added a little too much made my hair mushy, I know next time but hey the best detangler as a leave in I have ever tried, will come in handy for my stretches. So far I am a happy bunny, hair in rollers and airdrying. I am planning on putting in cornrows soon to stop watching my hair, cause it is a bit like watching grass grow. I may post a pic, if I have not that means that it came out all jacked up. "I am not my hair" but it sure feels good when it looks good.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Steaming, Hot oiling, Dcing and I am not seeing the progress I want, probably I want too much too soon but reading other blogs and hair sites, I just feel like my hair is not growing fast enough or thick enough. I am sitting under the dryer with a towel and shower cap firmly on my head, hoping to get all these wonderful benefits of steaming, I have even prepared my coffee rinse, I am serious and ready to go, hoping my hair will get the kick start it needs, I am tired of buns, DCing and all of that, I want to cut. But I guess I will give this some more weeks at least until my next relaxer. Will start doing some cornrows after Dec 1st so I wont check everyday for growth.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Coffee for Hair

Study proves caffeine in shampoo does penetrate to the hair follicle Posted on April 3rd, 2007 in Hair Loss News, Hair Loss Studies by admin 1,333 Views Caffeine is being used as an ingredient in some hair loss shampoos. The reason for this is that an in-vitro study was done where follicles were treated with a caffeine solution and it was found that caffeine blocks the effects of a DHT, the hormone that causes Male Pattern Baldness and damages the hair folliclesDr Fischer, who conducted the first trial, took scalp biopsies from 14 men in the early stages of hair loss. He extracted the hair follicles and then placed them in test tubes with solutions containing different levels of caffeine. The follicles that were being treated with caffeine saw their average growth increase by around 46 per cent and the life cycle of the hair extended by 37 per cent, when compared to the control group.This study prompted some manufacturers to add caffeine to their hair loss products.In this study, researchers in Germany wanted to see if topically applied caffeine could be delivered to the follicle when being part of a shampoo.According to their study they were able to prove that after 2 minutes of shampooing, the caffeine in the shampoo was able to penetrate into the scalp via the hair follicles and stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin).This proves that shampoo is an effective delivery vehicle for caffeine, provided that it’s left on the scalp for 2 minutes or more.Follicular Penetration of Topically Applied Caffeine via a Shampoo Formulation.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ayurvedic Hair Care

I am so excited about this new thread! I think this is a good way to go, I can incoporate this without affecting my other regimes. Ayurvedic hair care seems to be a good way to go. It incorporates mind, body and spirit along with scalp massages. Will be trying Alma Oil and Vatika oil as pre poos, just about to order them am excited at the prospects. Then incorporate the other aspects, Henna, powders etc.

Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicine practiced in India and Sri Lanka. It is a complete approach to health care designed to promote a way of life rather than an occasional treatment. As a holistic system of medicine ayurveda focuses on our uniqueness and takes into account our mental attitude, lifestyle and spirit which should not be treated in isolation from each other.
According to ayurveda, the following principles are beneficial to healthy and plentiful hair:
- The scalp must be kept cool, so protection from sun and washing in cold or lukewarm water are paramount.
- Sound nutrition is key, so a hair-friendly diet should emphasize proteins, iron, zinc, sulfur, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-Complex and essential fatty acids.
- Use should be made of hair analysis to ascertain toxicity levels and nutritional deficiencies.
- Oils, for example sesame and coconut, should be applied to the scalp to nourish, lubricate and strengthen the roots. This will also improve circulation to the head.


I just found this on a site and will be incorporating this is my regime, probably during my cowashes. The steaming I hear is good. Here goes, will be tweaking it again.
here are the tools:
2 Turban towels - turbie twists
Pink cleaning Gloves
2 plastic bags or plastic Wrap
Heating cap or Hooded Dryer (VERY Important -there needs to be a heat source......)
Bottled Water ( Let's stay as far away from the Chlorine as possible)
OK - dunk the turbies in cold water... put em in a Glass bowl and heat em in the microwave till they are hot.use the cleaning Gloves - to Wring out one of the turbies.
Put on your head.... immediately put on cap.Wring out the next turbie. Put it on top of the plastic.Wrap the last turbie in plastic. Sit for 30 mins under heat source.
STEAM!!!!!!Spray or rinse with COLD water - to seal the Cuticle!!! Also important...........

Will do this tomorrow.Yeah

My facial regime

Ever since I was 17 years old I have been using clinique facial products, this after a string of bad decisions. I tried everything under the sun, but the clinique line is hassel free reduces the breakouts and surprisingly gentle on my skin. Occasionally I change the products I may use for some serious exfoliating. At present I use.
Clinique #2 face soap, exfoliator and lotion
Oil of Olay Microdermabrasion kit
Vitamin C serum at nights
Clinique night repair at nights sometimes too (But not worth all the money)
Garnier eye roller
Occasionally Clinique Deep cleansing emergency mask
Glycolic peel monthly
Fancy facial occasionally
Sunscreen (more than 50 spf)

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Hair regime

My Regime
This is a work in progress, the constants for now are,

Pre poo twice weekly (with oil) with a 5-10 minute scalp massage

Cowash and DC on Wed (midweek)

Shampoo once a week

Clarify every 4-6 weeks

Seal with Vatika Oil

Alternate day leave in
Wrap every night

Low heat only cold hooded dryer or air dry

Cold rinses Relax every 8-10 weeks

Daily Vitamins

Protective styling after week 1 of relaxing (Dont like buns, twisting etc so soon after relaxing) NO COLOUR

Hair Vitamins and other growth aids

Tried phytophanere hair tablets for 6 months, really expensive about $50 US per bottle (2 months worth in each bottle). I saw it in a magazine (very popular one) and it was all the rave, claims to improve hair and nails skin and vitality. It was Ok, but NOT worth that much money, I just never knew better. Now I am using futurebiotics about $15 US per bottle (1 1/2 months worth) about 2 weeks now will see how it does for me. Many people say it makes no sense taking them if you have a balanced diet and not deficient in any of these vitamins. I guess we will see in a couple weeks time I will give an update. If you have taken any vitamins or other product that you believed worked miracles do share.

Fast Gro Challenge

This can be found under My faves link. I had an initial rough patch mixing too much protein with the moisture conditioner. My hair was so tangled that it took 7 hours for me to detangle it, it was a nightmare. So my advice is be careful with what you mix. If you find your hair snaps off easily and you have been using alot of products with protein. You may be having a protein overload. So will need to mix 3 parts hydrafuse to 1 part kerafuse. I use 2:1 and so far so good. Oh and ensure that the hair is properly detangled BEFORE you add the product.

DC/NT challenge

This was my first challenge, I am still doing it, ends Dec 1st, I believe you can do it whenever you want to. I have tried some of the products and the best way to find out what works for you is to try it yourself (thats why I wish they sold stuff in smaller sizes) or just get some advise.

Deep Conditoning/No Trimming Challenge Overview

Participants must commit to deep conditioning and not trimming their hair for 12 weeks (September 1st to December 1st).
Participants must commit to deep conditioning at least once a week.
Deep Conditioning can be done on wet or dry hair but must be left on for an extended period of time (i.e. 20 mins to an hour).
Participants can deep condition under a dryer, steamer, hot wet towel, overnight or under plastic cap.
There are three deep conditioning passes for this challenge. This means, if the participant is in a hurry, they can forgo deep conditioning only three times during the challenge.
There are no trimming passes for this challenge. The challengers may use professional trimming scissors to trim individual split ends as they appear, also known as the “search and destroy” method. This may force you to use heat less and protect the ends as much as possible.
Participants are free to add dimensions to this challenge such as adding a cold water rinse, using no direct heat, etc., but must be consistent with this selection throughout the challenge.
For Best Results
A Challenge is an excellent way to learn about your hair and notice patterns and/or take aways for your individual regimens. As someone who has participated in numerous individual and site sponsored challenges, I have a few suggestions that will help you get the best possible results. Before September 1st:1) Take a picture today of your starting point
This will help you assess the current condition of your hair (before starting the challenge) and will be the most accurate reflection of your current regimen.2) Book an appointment for a professional trim
This will ensure that you start the challenge with healthy, blunt ends.
3) Take a picture of you hair with freshly trimmed ends
This will help you document your hair length before the challenge and will be used in a comparison shot after the challenge ends.4) Develop a basic regimen you will use and commit to during the challenge
Having a consistent regimen will help you pinpoint and measure how this challenge will impact your hair and will bar any externalities that could skew your results. For example, if you participate in this challenge but are also trying a new vitamin or growth aid, you will never be certain how deep conditioning consistently for 12 weeks and avoiding trims, has helped your hair.
5) Monitor, Monitor, Monitor
It is really important to observe your hair during this challenge. Take a lot of pictures, jot down notes after each wash, and review each product you are using. This will help you identify any patterns or lessons from the challenge.

Before the End of the Challenge
1) Review Blog/Notes/Observations
Are there any patterns you noticed during this challenge? What are the top take-aways from this challenge?
2) Take Final Pictures for Comparison
Has your hair thickened up? Do you notice an increase in length? What will you incorporate into your regimen moving forward?
These are just my suggestions. Feel free to add or edit them to suit your hair needs and individuals goals for this challenge. I hope this was helpful!

Hair Care and Hair Challenges

I just started my hair journey in September 08, this after stumbling on a site that focused on taking care of all kinds of hair. I signed up to a challenge, "Deep Condition/No trim challenge" and thats basically the start. Now I have learnt new terms like pre poo (treatment before shampoo and Co wash (washing with conditioner). I will blog about all these things and how they have been for my hair. This first pic is my most recent pic (Oct 25th 08) pic, the other one is 6 weeks before (Sep 08) making some changes to how I care for my hair and stretching my relaxer to 10 weeks.
Actually from the bottom up its September, October and then November.
December, January and Feburary to go for my 1st goal thicker APL (armpit length hair)

I am also planning on providing links to all of my favourite hair care sites so the challenges can be viewed in detail.