Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twin sister to the rescue (New Stuff YEEAAAH)

My twin sister sent me a package with lots of great stuff, Oyin handmade shine and define, Oyin juices and berries and Jessie Curls deep conditioning treatment and shea treatment, PLUS Deva One conditioner. Yes I was so happy it felt like Christmas, Needless to say I used them all and hopefully I will be able to do reviews on them.
But now I am going to talk about the SHINE AND DEFINE. Now that gave my braid out less frizz and more definiton without the flaky dry feeling. I could not believe that there was a product that could do that. It did not do much in the way of shine but I am really happy with the product.
I did a cowash with the Shea deep conditioning treatment and Deva One Conditioner. I DO NOT USE A COMB IN MY HAIR WHEN WET. So I finger detangle and braided my hair with the juices and berry, long term relationship and the Shine and define. I was so pleased with the results.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mamas recipe

I told my mom I wanted to go natural and if she had any advice to give me. I have a baby sis (she is 19 now) who got relaxed at a very early age. We were all upset, she was too young not even 12. She has thick 3c/4b hair and we thought it odd that she would relax it as she has 4 more girls and we all went without relaxers until High School.

Well after realising her error she stopped relaxing it. And I realised in about 3 years she was natural again. Well she said she steamed my sisters hair weekly with castor oil. I also noticed that she was in alot of protective styles. She would go to the salon once monthly to get the hair washed and blow dried, then placed in cornrows , single twist, whatever. I think she got some of those castor oil treatments whilst in the protective style.

Up to this day she is still natural and wearing protective styles. I know she is going to kill me but I found some pictures of her hair and it is still beautiful! Sometimes you dont have to look very far for inspiration.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Inspiration

For those who may be getting frustrated with this journey, myself included.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

You've got Good Hair

I keep telling people that I am going to go natural, just so I wont be tempted to relax again, the answer I get is, "you can do that you have good hair". I know this topic has been beaten to death however I decided to watch the movie "Good Hair" today. I thought I was going to get a mouthful about relaxed hair... But what I got from it was, weave it, relax it, braid it, flat iron it, it does not matter as long as you are happy with it its "Good hair".

Good Hair Day today...

Here's why,

I have my hair in a protective style that I like and as it gets messy it looks nicer. I am about 13 weeks post relaxer. Last weekend what I did was started plaiting the roots (three strand twist) and finished the shaft with a two strand twist. I have been treating the roots with a castor oil and coconut oil mix and moisturising the hair with shea butter. Occasionally I apply a bit of the coconut oil and castor oil to the hair itself along with the shea butter and wrap a damp warm towel on my head for about 20 minutes.
The ends looked shabby so I did some dusting and then soaked them with long term relationship. Even though this is a Low manipulation style one might not call it a "protective" style, so I put this in a loose bun for work. So far I have been enjoying this. At least I have 2 weeks stress free until cowash day.