Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its a hit!

This Saturday it will be 5 months since I last had a relaxer, I am currently transitioning and it has been no easy task trying to find hairstyles that look cute, trendy and happen to be good for your hair.
My plan is the less manipulation the better, the less I have to deal with these two textures the less hair I will lose trying to tear through my hair. The catch is I still want my hair to grow, I dont want to cut it all off just yet, I want to enjoy the length a while longer, so how can I strike the balance. I have been doing lots of plaits and cornrows. Today I undid the twist in my hair and out of sheer lack of time had to leave the roots in plaits. needless to say I LOVED the results, I am sure to do this next week again, this style is really hot.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Hair is like a box of chocolates....

You never know what you might get.. Seriously ever since I stopped relaxing, almost 5 months now so often I am surprised by my hair. I guess the plaits that I am in now take the guess work out of it. But sometimes you use the same products and do the same thing to your hair but the outcome is different. This can be a plus.. It really can be, you just have to learn to roll with it and embrace the fact that your hair has its own personality give it a break and try to keep it healthy and happy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

4 hours later

WOW, I took 4 hours on Saturday to twist my hair, the whole time thinking that relaxed hair never was this time consuming. Seriously if you think natural hair is going to be less work then you are in for a surprise. Now I remember why I relaxed in 2004, an entire weekend would be dedicated to my hair and the longer it grew the longer it took. Well at least I wont have to think about it for another two weeks.
My hair and I continue to be in this love hate relationship, I get so tempted to relax, and with this amount of new growth your hair tends to look shorter. One thing I learnt though is the more conditioner the better. I just piled the stuff on and detangling became easier, not a breeze just easier.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Style Ideas for transitioners. (headbands)

I saw this post on essence and I absolutely love them, these headbands are cool, they can be worn with braid outs and lots of bobby pins, they can be worn with pin up do's. I see where they can be very versatile. I am gonna try them after I take these braids out, I think I posted a while back about a headband that I bought that looked like a zipper. But anyway just loving these.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celebrity inspiration (Braids)

I know many of us find it so difficult to rock braids as they may look too simple for work and not glam enough for going out. I did a search and came up with some inspirations I am sure there are many more but these should be enough to get you seriously thinking about them as a protective style. Remember you can glam them up with some accessories like big earrings or chains. Makeup is key as well, focus on the eyes. And when you rock braids you have to be FIERCE!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back in Braids

I did some cornrows about 6 weeks ago and I did not like them much. They were too big. I usual do the cornrows myself and use some extensions to give them length and longevity. This time they are back in. What I did was cowashed and airdried my hair, I then used the hand held hair dryer to detangle the roots. I really need to do some videos but then my sister taught me this so she should do one. The hair dryer really helped, I then moisturised with shea butter and did my cornrows. I have been getting huge compliments and oddly enough alot and I mean ALOT of people think its all mine. Sure it is I bought it didnt I?
I plan to leave them in for 2 to 3 weeks. I maintain them by spraying my hair with an Aphogee green tea leave in with coconut oil a concoction that I have, alternating with my new Oyin Juices and berries leave it. I also use castor oil and Alma oil on my roots daily before going to bed. Oh and not to forget, I tie the hair at nights , it can look messy really quickly if I dont.