Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its a hit!

This Saturday it will be 5 months since I last had a relaxer, I am currently transitioning and it has been no easy task trying to find hairstyles that look cute, trendy and happen to be good for your hair.
My plan is the less manipulation the better, the less I have to deal with these two textures the less hair I will lose trying to tear through my hair. The catch is I still want my hair to grow, I dont want to cut it all off just yet, I want to enjoy the length a while longer, so how can I strike the balance. I have been doing lots of plaits and cornrows. Today I undid the twist in my hair and out of sheer lack of time had to leave the roots in plaits. needless to say I LOVED the results, I am sure to do this next week again, this style is really hot.

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