Sunday, May 9, 2010

Going Natural in a Relaxer driven world

As much as it may seem great going natural, I am still the minority, now that I am 6 months post relaxer it is starting to show. People are starting to wonder "what is she doing with her hair" These comments I am getting almost daily and it is disheartening. Are you going dread? why are you going natural? Do you have pretty hair or something to want to go natural? How dare I grow out a perfectly good relaxer, why wouldn't you want to get a relaxer? At least put some braids in so it doesnt look so trashy. We fool ourselves in thinking that it makes our hair more manageable, it makes us fit in, it makes us neater and more appropriate for the work place. Even my BF said he didnt think I was serious and joked to his friends that he was going to relax my hair while I sleep. He said he didnt mean anything by it but the damage was already done, I guess you need to be torn to your core, your raw natural self to find out who you truly are, one of a kind.

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Sakura said...

OMG that is so rude!!!! :s !!! I love natural hair and yes it can look sexy! Depending on how you style it.