Saturday, May 30, 2009

My plan for whats left of my stretch

To help me to get to 12 weeks here's my plan. Yes ladies I am ditching the cowashing. Friday will be my day once a week.

Next friday (June 5th) I will pre poo with castor oil and olive oil wash with a moisturizing shampoo, oil rinse with carrot oil and olive oil, deep con with Alter Ego and ORS replenishing pak rollerset and airdry.

Week 11 ( Jun 12th) will pre poo with same as above, oil rinse and deep con with hydrafuse and thermasmooth rollerset saran wrap.

Week 12 (June 18th) (thursday) pre poo, clarifying shampoo, hard protein treatment, deep con with steam with hydrafuse, rollerset.

Relax day at 13 weeks (June 22nd)

As you can see I will be rollersetting more or attempting to, no more cowashing the less manipulation the better,

10 weeks on Monday

This stretch has me shedding more and possibly breaking more. I am seeing breaking especially in the middle of my hair. I am wondering if the castor oil is making my hair shed more and harder to manage. I have now started to apply my moisturizer like a relaxer. I will slow down the castor oil to see what happens and will definately try oil rinses.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stretching and Product Haul

I need to go to "PJ anonymous" for sure. I went to a hair store and I had to talk myself into not buying too many things. I ended up getting;

Mane and Tail Detangler

CON shampoo and Conditioner

Hair pins and steam caps.

I must say that the Mane and Tail detangler is definately a keeper, not so sure about the CON conditioner.

This stretching business is no joke, I was about to throw in the towel today but after a deep conditioning with Aussi 3 min, Hydrafuse, olive oil and CON I was Ok. I used waaaay more conditioner than I usually do but I was really desperate. I had been experiencing a lot of breaking and shedding recently and decided to lay off the protein deep con and it did work. I also decided to finger comb my hair when wet and gently use a comb when dry. Us 4a girls have really fragile hair so you have to be careful with the manipulation. I am now airdrying it and will do some neat cornrows when dry.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My protective style for this week

I am really determined after seeing the progress of others to "up my game". Basically trying to retain every inch of hair that I grow. "Dusting" the ends on relaxer days and on a "need to do" basis. So the challenges I am presently doing are the , "BSL in 09" and the "Castor oil challenge".

I have now been moisturizing and sealing my hair daily with my Giovanni moisturizer and castor oil and EVOO mixture, with alternate day application of the castor oil to my scalp. DC twice per week with protein once weekly. Hard protein every 4-6 weeks with corrective moisturizing DC after each protein treatment.
Now on to the topic at hand; since protective styling is soooo important especially for us 4a-4b gals I must say that it is easy to get "stuck in a rut". I am trying a new style its kindda a spin off from a style I saw on and something that Traycee does from time to time. You either hate it or love it, I love it.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Oils have been missing from my regimen for a couple of weeks, I ran out. I joined the castor oil challenge and I am back on the oiling trail. The castor oil challenge has us using the castor oil on our roots at least twice a week. Initially I had a big prob with this, it would irritate my scalp and I would actually get sores from itching it so much. So after some advice I decided to mix the castor oil with EVOO 50:50 with a few drops of tea tree oil and I have been doing good. I am now adding EVOO in my conditioner as well as using it as a pre poo/ hot oil treatment. I love love how it makes my hair feel, love everything about this combination. I would strongly advise you to try it, the challenge goes on for 3 months. Of course I will post pics.