Friday, December 26, 2008

What relaxer to Use.

I am approaching the 9 week mark for my stretch and it is not for the lighthearted, there have been many times when I have been tempted to relax it, cut it off, or just continue and transition. I like my natural hair, but I know styling would be a prob, I just dont want to start alllll over again.

So back to the topic, relaxers; So it occured to me that I may not be using the best relaxer for my hair. I have been using either affirm and mizani for the past 2 years and have not seen where it has been doing anything positive for my hair. I am not really sure if it is the relaxer to blame or my hair care techniques. I have just started on my hair care journey and I am well aware that it could be a little of both. I have been researching relaxers for some time now and I have pretty much narrowed it down to, availablity and quality. I do not want my hair texturized or texlaxed as the variation in textures I believe cause more harm than good, though I am dying for thicker hair I am not willing to risk causing breakage for it. However some relaxers do tend to leave the hair limp and thin. Can I really relax and have some body (swang) at the same time? I have narrowed the choices down to, silk elements, ORS no lye, Affirm fiberguard, Alter Ego, Mizani BB or just continue with what I am using "Affirm for sensitive scalp". I am just not sure. well I have 3 more weeks to decide and I will be sure to update this blog when I do.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Everyone wants to look fly at Christmas time.

I am now 8 weeks post and not sure I can push along to the 12 week line. The prob is its christmas and everyone wants to look fly at christmas time. The cornrows not cutting it, even though I am trying to accessorize it and Diva it up.

I ended up in cornrows because I was so tempted to cut off my thinning ends, I spent the whole day looking for the pair of scissors that I hid from myself . The knife started looking like a viable option and I knew I was in trouble. A wig did cross my mind but I am yet to see a natural looking wig.

Now according to my lunar predictions this Saturday (the 27th) would be the perfect time for a trim. My other option would be to trim it after my 12 week stretch which should put me back around the perfect time according to the lunar predictions. Whatever the deal is I am buying a new pair of scissors to avoid using the knife if I get the urge and leaving in the cornrows until Saturday. I will just have to wear lots of mascara to detract from my hair. "I am not my hair but I sure feel good when it looks good". Did I mention that I am shedding and breaking like a dog with a bad rash?

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Moon and hair

Its been a while since I blogged about anything but this because I have been so busy. I am suffering from a serious bout of shedding, so I am sitting here with my "Alter Ego Garlic conditioner" hoping this will stop. I am however dying to henna my hair but again for lack of time I have been unable to do it. Well everything is for a reason. I have today a strange but interesting topic on how the moon affects hair growth, cant hurt right?

Moon Phase:It’s no secret the moon pulls the tides but what is lesser known is the moon’s subtle effect on the growth of all living things…plants and animals. Lunar gardening and lunar agriculture, in particular, are such time-honored and proven practices that, since the 1st century A.D., gardeners and farmers, sensitive to the effects of the moon, planted their crops during favorable times to achieve maximum growth and yield. Their thinking was, if the moon could have such a magnificent effect on the ocean, then plants, composed of a good deal of water, must at least be affected to some degree. For humans, water accounts for 60-80% of our body weight. If there is credence to the notion that the moon effects all bodies of water then it will certainly have her say in the cycles of our lives, not to mention our hair. While it’s true the hair shaft is material and almost entirely protein, the moon does have an effect on hair since the hair follicles are made of epithelial tissue that is comprised mainly of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two elements that combine to form water. One suitable explanation for the subtle effect is that during the phase when the moon increases in light (the waxing moon) fluids are drawn upwards as in growth. When the moon decreases in light (the waning moon) fluids flow to the roots. If you planted during a new moon, the growth energy available would increase the success and hardiness of a seedling. If, however, you planted after the full moon, energy for new seeds would decline. Enough about farming, what about the moon phases’ effect on hair? When we barely see the moon in the sky, it is in the new moon phase. From here it increases in size or waxes until it reaches the crest or peak of the cycle—the full moon. If you wish to speed up the process of growing your hair, then get it cut during the new moon to full moon phase. The full moon begins to decrease in size or wanes until it ends up as a new moon or new phase once again. If you want to slow your hair’s growth, cut it from the full moon to the new moon phase. Each phase is approximately 14 days in length giving you plenty of time to cut. For some reason, the signs that benefit the most from the changes in the moon seem to be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eggs in your hair

The thing about hair is that it can get boring, this is prob why I have been like a crazy lady trying this and that trying to avoid cutting or colouring my hair. The protective styles can be a bit drab, so now I thought, why not use eggs as my pre poo. So here I am sitting with an egg in my hair, mixed with a cheapie moisturizing condish and oils. Hope it goes well, I will see the texture when I cowash it out and decide which condish to DC with.