Monday, January 5, 2009

ORS Relaxer (Lye)

As I promised I will now review ORS relaxer lye. I am here sitting under the dryer just did a Apoghee 2 min Keratin treatment and DC with Affirm fiberguard conditioner and thinking how great the ORS relaxer was. The night prior to relaxing I had been irritating my scalp and though there was no burning so to speak there was a bit of discomfort. I had alot of new growth but with patience my sister (not a hairdresser but does the best job with my hair) was able to apply the relaxer to my new growth in about 20 mins. I rinsed with the neutralizer in the shower 5 times as I wanted to make sure I did not overprocess it; then DC with ORS conditioner.

The surprise came when I did not notice much hair on the shower floor. This was new to me, I had grown so accustomed to hairdressers giving me a good telling off about my stretch and breaking and needing to have a trim that for once the process was enjoyable. My hair felt strong, I am thinking whats the difference. I believe all the relaxers have the same basic ingredient list, so why do some work better than others? Well thats not for me to figure out right now, I know for now it works for my hair and I will keep doing what I am doing. Now if only my sister would visit more than once a year

I spent long hours on the boards reading the relaxer reviews so this was a well thought out process. My advice to you is think it through and dont take risks with your hair. Better to go slow and steady, I hope for no major setbacks and that we keep learning and growing.

For the record I have used, affirm sensitive scalp, affirm fiberguard, Mizani (regular), revlon (back in the day), ORS no lye, Motions, and this has been the best one in recent times.


LaQT said...

Thanks for review. I'll post my results and pics 2moro.

LaQT said...

Okay, I used it and it is now my staple relaxer!

Nesha said...

lol lol. yeah, so happy it worked for you to each his own

MizzB said...

I have to agree. This relaxer is great. I've used it for my last two touchups and my hair has thanked me for it.