Saturday, March 21, 2009

Garlic and hair loss

This is the new rave on the boards, I just use the Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner every 2 weeks or so, but they have many recipes out there with garlic, I have not tried this one myself but it looks good.

What I did once was crush some garlic and soak it overnight in olive oil. I then applied this mixture as a pre poo it did reduce the shedding and breaking. I stopped because of the work involved but try it if you are having probs with shedding and breaking. I have not seen one bad review so far. Here is another recipe that you can try.

1 tablespoon of aloe gel1 tablespoon of honey1 tablespoon of garlic juice 3 tablespoons of chamomile (tea bag content is fine to use)24 fluid oz of water
1) Peel garlic and use a garlic press to squeeze the juice out
2) Mix it with honey and place the bowl in the fridge (can replace the honey with olive oil)
3) Boil water with chamomile tea for about 30 minutes
4) Stir occasionally
5) Take the bowl with honey and garlic juice out of the fridge
6) Add aloe gel.
8) Use the mix and gently rub it in your scalp. Wrap a warm towel around your head.
9) Keep on your head for 20 minutes and wash once with a neutral shampoo (I used Johnson's Baby shampoo).
10) To finish off, wash your hair off with the previously prepared chamomile tea.

I have not tried this recipe myself, see what I did above, but they look pretty similar.

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